In the Beretta workshop every garment is made exclusively to measure and all work is done according to the traditional methods every Atelier should use: every client has their own paper pattern, and every garment is initially tacked to fit the client, then tried on in person several times, and only after all this is the final sewing done, resulting in a garment which is unique, personalised and meticulous in every detail.

The work of our dressmakers is crucial - they hand-sew every detail, adding value to every seam; the various stages of ironing are also important as they contribute to the shaping of the garment into its final form.

The Beretta dressmaking workshop has countless exquisite fabrics available for clients, who just need to choose the one they prefer, guided by the creative flair of designer Luigi Beretta.

The entire BerettaPr�t-�-porter range is also produced in the workshop, testament to a high quality manufacturing process which is totally Made in Italy.